Feedback on playpark designs

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We have received up to date designs from the Council, these remain on display in the church hall. We need your feedback as we appoint contractors in January. We haven’t had costings yet so that is one thing we want to review in more detail – how much does this design cost, where is the money going? Also can we remind you of SCC policy as to target age – the play area is for younger children as per SCC greenspace strategy below.

Policy GS 4

Local Equipped Areas for Play

All households should be within 400 metres walking distance of a Local Equipped Area for Play (LEAP).

A LEAP is defined as:

Providing a facility for parents and toddlers/young children (primarily aged 4-8 years old);

Having a minimum size of 400 square metres; and

Containing a minimum of 5 pieces of play equipment appropriate to the target age group. Wherever practicable, there should be a distance between the play space and the curtilage of the nearest residential property of at least 30 metres. Existing LEAPs will be protected, and new LEAPs brought forward in accordance with Map 3 and through on-site provision as part of new housing developments. In areas that are deficient in equipped play space for younger children, and where sites are unlikely to become available for new LEAPs, consideration will be given to the introduction of smaller play areas.